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Sorry Bricksquad fans. It looks like Waka Flocka Flame has his feet firmly planted in his stance on one time partner in rhyme Gucci Mane, with whom he recently severed all ties. He made this clear once again during a recent interview with Canada’s Montreality.

“Gucci [is] 1017 Bricksquad. I’m BSM, Brick Squad Monopoly. We in two paths in our life. Ain’t not beef, no animosity, it’s just that me and him see two different goals,” said Waka Flocka calmly, disregarding their public spat.

“People, they just can’t put a finger on it, like ‘What’s the reason?’ Sometimes it’s none of your f**king business what’s the reason. Just understand two men went they own ways, but it’s no problems.”

Outside of Gucci Mane, the Atlanta rapper was also sure to give an update on a few of his forthcoming projects, one of which will will be Flockaveli 2. The album will drop October 5, the same day as the his influential 2010 debut.

“Of course it’s different, and of course it’s similar,” according to Waka, who says he feels like a fresh artist again. “My second album, I went so far left when I was already right. I wanted to show people that I could concur another genre of people, and I did it. Now it’s time to go back to the essence of music, and how I started and what I created. It’s time to claim what the f**k I started.”

Hear Waka talk more about this, his favorite cartoon, and more below.

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