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Tons–and we do mean tons– of chocolate-hazelnut spread known the world over as Nutella (you’ve seen the commercials, don’t front) was stolen from a trailer near Berlin, over the weekend. German authorities announced Monday (April 8), that an unknown band of culprits jacked 16,00o Euros worth of Nutella, which translates into nearly $20,810. 

The 5.5 ton Nutella heist went down in the town of Bad Hersfeld, with the criminals stealing the product from an unattended truck trailer.

Seven pallets of Nutella was loaded onto the truck, which was parked at the Niederaula north of Fulda station in central Germany. Police believe the crime occurred sometime between Friday (April 5) and Sunday (April 7).

What the thieves are planning to do with all that Nutella is anybody’s guess, but maybe they wanted to pair it with the almost $40,000 worth of Red Bull, stolen from the same location a few weeks ago.

When asked if stealing one ingredient at a time means that the suspects are stock-piling the components of an extra-large breakfast,  local police spokesman Manfred Knoch replied, “That’s what it looks like.”

Photo:  Flickr