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Stacey Dash’s latest flailing grasp at relevancy occurred earlier today (April 9) when the Clueless star tweeted a little slander in the direction of Jay-Z and wife, Beyoncé.  The physically stunning, if not exactly politically astute, actress used social media to blurt out an attack that seems scripted by her brand new Republican friends. 

Dash’s timeline is a ripe breeding ground for controversial statements, especially after her strange endorsement of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney last year. Her latest salvo was a slight critique of Jay and Beyoncé’s recent (and federally-endorsed) trip to Cuba. This time, Dash not only throws a touch of shade on Beyoncé by not mentioning her name, she flat out calls the pair supporters of communism.

“Do you care that The Jay Z”s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?” read Dash’s tweet. Sparking over 250 retweets in a half-hour and a lot of unprintable replies, it appears Dash hasn’t learned her lesson from last year’s Twitter fiasco, including the letter to TMZ after Romney’s losing effort.

With a little reading, Dash would have known that the superstars’ journey to Cuba was not one of leisure. Instead, the journey was a cultural trip and did not violate the U.S. trade embargo placed on the island nation.

So far, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s camp have yet to respond to Dash’s baseless claim. Hov has bigger fish to fry anyway, now that the mogul is relinquishing his Brooklyn Nets ownership and focusing on becoming an NBA agent.

Photo: Stacey Dash