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The closing of 2009 solidified a few things that were before uncertain as 50 Cent dropped Before I Self Destruct.

Not only was the rapper able to finally release the much delayed album, but he was also able to make the statement that he can still, for the most part, deliver that raw aggressive material that gained him such fan fare in 2003 and during his come up.

One thing left uncertain, however, is the future of Beanie Sigel as it relates to his music career.  Granted, yes there will always be an outlet for his to release material, but being driven by the machine known as Fif, one would have thought that teaming up would lead to something greater.

Alas, Beans is still where he was before joining 50 to attack Jay Z and those whereabouts are unknown to anybody.  Point in case is that nothing has blossomed, as far as the masses can see, for Sigel.

During an interview in The Source, the Broad Street Bully addressed the claims that 50 was only using the Philly rapper in order to promote his album and bring more buzz in his direction.

“If 50 Cent is using Beans to do what he’s going to do, that’s cool.  But at the same time, Beans is using 50 Cent to do what I need to be done.  So at the end of the day we use each other, but we don’t misuse each other.”

Now if that’s true, what exactly is Beans getting out of the deal.  There hasn’t been any update on him signing with G-Unit.  Haven’t actually heard anything from him in quite some time after dropping the three tracks.

It seems like it was a short run, but hey the ride was decent while it lasted unless there’s business going on behind closed doors.  Let’s all get back to our scheduled lives and maybe the two will find a way to surprise everyone.

In the meantime, how about a moment of silence to commemorate what was.