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Although most known as Eminem’s closest friend, late rapper Proof established himself in the 90s as one of Detroit’s most formidable rhymers. . Marking seven years since the MC’s passing, he was shot and killed on April 11, 2006, Paul Rosenberg unearthed some rare audio, with Shady Records sharing a visual treat from the vaults. The track, “Keep It On The Low,” features production and a hook from the late, great J Dilla with the pair uniting as the duo, Funky Cowboys. 

Although the song isn’t mixed or mastered properly, the head-nodding track grabs the ears immediately. Recorded sometime in 1994, the D12 co-founder handles the microphone duties while Dilla Dawg’s smooth track shows the vibe he was on at the time.

“Around the way oh, I strive to be famous/You wanna hear some sh-t, put your ear upon my anus/I take you to places that you never been before/You wanna chill but you still gonn be hardcore,” raps Proof in full bravado mode. In the track, Proof shouts out Slum Village, along with fellow Motor City rappers Wes Chill and Jack Frost. It also appears that Proof, a known battle MC, may have been freestyling his verse on the track.

Shady Records posted up an early MTV video clip of Eminem and Proof dropping amazing freestyle bars, doing their best not to drop any curse words as well. They succeed for the most part.

Check out “Keep It On The Low” below. Hit the next page to check out the freestyle video.


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