D12 rapper Proof was fatally shot on the morning of April 11, 2006 in a Detroit club that was illegally operating after hours. The Detroit native, born DeShaun Holt, was just 32 when he was killed.

Although he has shown no chill throughout his 15 year career, Eminem is good for keeping a low profile. Surprisingly the self-proclaimed Rap God dropped various jewels in a town hall style Q&A interview with Sway Calloway on Shade 45.

Although most known as Eminem’s closest friend, late rapper Proof established himself in the 90s as one of Detroit’s most formidable rhymers. . Marking seven years since the MC’s passing, he was shot and killed on April 11, 2006, Paul Rosenberg unearthed some rare audio, with Shady Records sharing a visual treat from the vaults. The […]

King Gordy, a close ally of D-12 rapper Bizarre, was shot five times on Tuesday (February 5) in what some sources say was a robbery attempt. Although details are scarce, it is thought that Gordy survived the gunshots.

Fresh off the release of his new album Friday Night At St. Andrew’s, Bizzare of D-12 is ready to make a comeback. It’s been three years since the D-Town representative released a new project and four years since he graced television sets on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club but now he’s back with a new musical […]

“If Proof was alive, he’s be dying inside.  You ain’t no Hip-Hop messiah, you a Beyotch cause you dissed Mariah.  Shyte like that, supposed to be private.” “Pop Killer” It looks like old wounds heal slow as Canibus has set his sights back on Eminem to release another diss track at the Detroit native. Rumored […]