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Saying rap fans are fickle has long become a cliché. But, can you really blame them? There is always a new jack rapper claiming to be that next great, or bearable, MC. However, more often than not, they may score a hot single or two, and some Internet fame, but then they’ll disappear from Hip-Hop’s radar.

Some of these rappers you just may easily recognize. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you really care. If you’re team one hit wonder and insist we are unfairly slandering the object of your standom, spend that potential time and energy riffing about their inclusion here into trying to get them on the charts. That said, here are 15 rappers that were on the cusp of fame, but that most Hip-Hop fans give no f-cks about.

Feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments!

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