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On Tuesday (April 22), 25 correctional officers were indicted on charges of aiding a known gang leader to lord over the Baltimore City Detention Center. Thirteen of the officers were women, and Black Guerilla Family gang leader Tavon “Bulldog” White reportedly impregnated four of them reports the Baltimore Sun.

Allegations of widespread corruption in the Charm City jail have come to light, and it appears the correctional officers operated in a lawless manner based on a union-supported “bill of rights” that protected them from harsh disciplinary actions.  In an affidavit from the FBI released earlier this week, officers allegedly smuggled drugs and other illegal items, had s-xual relationships with inmates and other crimes.

“It ain’t nothing new,” reportedly said officer Kimberly Dennis to a co-conspirator, based on a synopsis of a recorded call. “I got moved over there basically because I’m dirty”

Dennis, along with other officers, was moved to another part of the jail because her superiors suspected she was violating prison rules. However, it appears that the 13 female officers that have been accused of aiding White’s Black Guerilla Family criminal empire inside the facility are no longer easily protected.

White is said to have fathered five children amongst the four women, according to reports from investigators. Charges of racketeering, money-laundering and drugs have also been mulled about, with all the indicted officers now suspended from their jobs without pay.

Newly initiated Black Guerilla gang members are given a manual that tell them to prey on the emotional insecurities of the women prison guards and singling out certain physical attributes. The inmates apparently used s-x and to gain control over the officers and gain favors. Women curiously dominate the correctional officer field and are often assigned to prisons that house men. At least one Baltimore official sees the potential folly in the practice.

“When you hire and seek women to handle men, you get all sorts of crazy stuff,” said Sen. Lisa Gladden. “You cannot allow women to get involved with these men, or you’re going to get what you’re going to get.”

Oh, Baltimore. Check out some photos of those indicted in the gallery.

Photo: Anne Arundel Correctional, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper

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