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Long before Mike Tyson became father to six children, his family was a bunch of pet pigeons–one of which was cooked an eaten by his ex-girlfriend.  Tyson detailed the pigeon feast in an interview on the Boomer & Carton radio show.

The retired boxing champ has been raising pigeons for much of his life, so you can imagine how he felt when one of them became dinner. “I was dating this young lady and she said, ‘I don’t know why you’re flying those damn birds, you should be eating them,'” he said. “She happened to grab one – and she cooked one and proceeded to eat it. And I just couldn’t do it.”

Since they were living in her house off “her dime,” Iron Mike feels his ex had a right to eat the bird, but said the move “wasn’t cool.”

Needless to say, Tyson broke up with the woman over her pigeon-eating ways, and today he subscribes to a vegan lifestyle.

Also, if you’re wondering how she cooked the bird, Tyson said she dropped it in “some boiling stuff.”

Sounds gross.

Photo: AP