2020 Movieguide Awards

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Under the moniker Lil Romeo, Master P’s son began his career at the age of 12. After some modest sales, Romeo focused on acting after debuting onscreen the same year as he did musically. The young rapper also had a three-season run on the Nickelodeon show Romeo!   Now 23, the former USC point guard is continuing to make movies and music. Romeo is also the president of the No Limit Forever label.


Kane & Abel


Twin brothers David and Daniel Garcia signed with No Limit in 1995, but saw mild success with 1998 album Am I My Brother’s Keeper selling gold. Hard times visited the rappers after the former Xavier students were linked to a drug kingpin in New Orleans. After serving two years in prison, the brothers tried to jumpstart their rap careers but never hit their past heights.  Their last album was released in 2010.

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