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A couple of peeping Toms in Duluth,Ga. were busted when they fell through the ceiling of a women’s restroom. The men– who also happen to have the same name– were arrested last Sunday (April 28) night at the Venture Cinema 12.

Relatives Eduard Alexander Kovynev, 27, and Eduard Petrovich Kovynev, 26, snuck into the movie theater’s bathroom and climbed in an opening in the ceiling to watch women do their business. They are accused of “invading the privacy,” of their various female victims, and caused more than $500 in damage by “crawling around in [the] ceiling,” according to an arrest warrant.

The gross plot was foiled when the ceiling gave way as the men were crawling around, landing them in the stalls. In addition to living with the embarrassment of being perverts, police busted the Kovynevs for criminal damage to property, and public drunkenness.

After being booked into jail, both were released on $5,000 bond a day later.

It is unclear how long they were up in the ceiling.

Photo: The Smoking Gun