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Here we go again Florida.  A man in Daytona Beach stripped naked in front of cops to prove that he was actually a monkey.

Also, he’s not actually  a monkey. 

Daylin Holloman called 911 from 7-Eleven early Wednesday (May 1), but the 20-year-old wasn’t prepared to answer any obvious questions. The dispatcher asked if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to which he repeatedly answered “I don’t know.”

Asked of his name, Holloman couldn’t remember at first but eventually told the operator, “It’s monkey.”

Once police arrived on the scene, Holloman said he didn’t know who made the calls, but there is one thing he was sure of. “I know I am a monkey,” he said.

A debate erupted with the officer telling Holloman that he’s clearly a human because he’s wearing human clothes.

So he disrobed.

Stripping down in front of authorities, and everybody in the convenience store, wasn’t a good move because it did two things: 1) proved that he’s out of his mind. 2) got him arrested on an indecent exposure charge.

“I placed handcuffs on the defendant and placed him in the back seat of my patrol car to cover him from view of the public and restore order to the area,” the arresting officer wrote in a report.

Paramedics determined that Holloman was sound enough to be taken into custody, without having a mental evaluation. He was jailed briefly, and released after posting $500 bail.


Photo: Volusia County Jail