A few tracks with summer anthem potential dropped a little too early to be crowned such, but fret not because that’s what remixes are for. Ace Hood’s “Bugatti” and Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” are among a few track to receive a remodeling with hopes of extending their shelf lives. Future attempts to do the same with a remix for FBG: The Movie stand out cut “Karate Chop.”

Coined the “RichMix,” listeners hear a familiar cast in Birdman, French Montana, and Rick Ross join the Atlanta native on the street hit. Future Vandross keeps his verse and a chorus, which chants “Slang a bunch of narcotics/Pull up in a new ‘rrari/Living like John Gotti/Choppin’ bricks like karate,” true to the original.

This is followed by new verses from the featured rappers, each of whom snatch Future’s flow. Don’t be surprised if radio continues to spin the original, because no one particularly shines on this version.

In any case, we’re sure there’s more music to come from this chummy collective. With all of these collaborations releasing, perhap Birdman, Future, French Montana, Rick Ross, etc. are looking to become the Rat Pack of rap.

Hear “Karate Chop (Remix)” below.

Photo: Epic