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Mike Tyson is never far removed from his pigeon obsession– even when he’s getting animated. The former boxing champion will star in a detective cartoon alongside his sidekick, who just happens to be a bird.

Yeah, that’s happening.

The 46-year-old’s co-star will be a “foul mouthed pigeon” according to Reuters. The 15-minute show, aptly titled Mike Tyson Mysteries, will air on Adult Swim.  No premiere date has been announced.

As if the title doesn’t make it plain enough, there’s also another twist. Tyson’s famed face ink will act as a “magical tattoo” to aid in his crime solving feats.

Tyson will also make appearances in live-action form. From Variety:

The series incorporates live-action appearances featuring Mighty Mike himself, and the gloves come off as the former heavyweight champ and his fowl-mouthed partner gear up for weekly adventures as they put unsolved mysteries — like how to defeat a super computer at chess or why a famous author/werewolf can’t finish his novel — down for the count. Animated quarter-hour from Warner Bros Animation.

Pigeons have long been an object to Tyson’s affection. He recently opened up about a girlfriend who cooked and ate one of his precious birds. They later broke up.

Photo: AP