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Many consider Scarface to be one of the greatest MCs of all time. Others say he’s the GOAT in the flesh. Both have legitmate reasoning. His incomparable story telling ability and authenticity made him a prolific figure in the culture, and allowed him to craft countless classic albums. With a legacy like this, it was only right that The Combat Jack Show connected with the Houston native.

Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse and co. had an open dialogue with FaceMob in the latest installment of the Complex TV leg of the show. The former Geto Boy discussed a bevy of topics, including his feelings on regional influences in Hip-Hop today, but none affected him like speaking on his grandmother.

Face revealed that the matriarch of his family inspired Geto Boys’ classic 1991 single, “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” along with many of his other infamous tracks. “My grandmother has a book of sh*t that she says. I can’t look at it, because it breaks me down,” said the legendary rapper. “She’s got a book, and the kids did it, where all the things that grandma said. It’s funny of hell, and they are titles for records.”

The mere thought of the book drew Face to tears, and his reaction infers that the titling of the songs she inspired were subconscious decisions. It’s actually very awe inspiring to hear him piece it together.

See Face speak in depth about his grandmother and more below.

Photo: Complex