By now, Dame Dash‘s money woes are no secret. Nevertheless, the Hip-Hop mogul still has his hands in a variety of businesses, including art galleries. The Harlem native’s Poppington Gallery in New York City is exhibiting kiddie art.

The New York Daily News reports.

Dash’s Poppington Gallery, on Orchard St. on the lower East Side, is now showing 13 framed drawings of colorful animals made by about a dozen 8- to 11-year-old students from the Art Room in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The pictures — selling for $300 each — arrived Sunday and are on display until the end of the month. None have sold, but Dash isn’t sweating the slow sales.

“I do anything for the kids,” Dash said. “It’s good to give kids a space. It makes them feel appreciated. It’s good for them to feel this at such a young age.”

The topic of money inevitably came up, and the Daily News says that Dash was peeved.

It’s unclear if he has ever sold anything in any of his three galleries in Charleston, S.C., Hong Kong and New York.

In fact, the topic made him hostile.

“I am not going to say,” he said. “Why does it always have to be about money?

“I just want to hang with cool people. Even if it’s cool little kids,” he concluded.

Despite all the bridges Dash has burned over the years, and the financial struggle, it’s still tough not to root for the guy. Add the fact that he is bigging up the work of young kids, we sincerely wish him continued success in this endeavor.

Check out photos of some of the pieces and Dash’s gallery on the next pages.

Photos: Enid Alvarez/New York Daily News

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