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O.J. Simpson is not interested in taking responsibility for anything. For the first time ever, the former football star took the stand to defend himself in court, this time for a kidnapping incident that could keep him locked up for as many as 33 years.

As expected, Simpson broke his silence Wednesday (May 15), on day three of a five-day hearing, the end result of which may get him a new trial. Proceedings are currently going on.

The 65-year-old claims attorney Yale Galantar encouraged him to burst into a Las Vegas hotel room alongside a crew of gun-carrying cohorts to recoup memorabilia, from a pair of sports collectors.

Recounting the 2007 incident at the Palace Hotel, Simpson said he was drunk and unaware that weapons would be involved. “I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams that these guys would have guns.” Instead, the father of four stood in shock in the hotel room. “I was kind of stunned,” he continued. “I was looking at stuff I hadn’t seen in 10 years.”

Furthermore, the Bay Area native explained that the collectibles were personal property, not included in items seized to cover a $33.5 million civil suit brought against him by the families of his slain wife and her friend.

Simpson has a reputation for eluding the stand. He passed on testifying during his murder trial over the deaths of the aforementioned spouse, and companion; and once more five years ago during his kidnapping trial.

Pending the outcome of this current hearing Simpson is likely to serve the five more years needed, before he is eligible for parole.

Photo: AP