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Our Bangin Candy posts are usually inspired by current events in Hip-Hop, whether it be a standout model in a hot video, a prevalent rapper’s new fling, etc. But every so often, we see a woman with no ties to the culture so attractive that we have to pay homage. Today, that would be the Robin Roxette.

Roxette is of East Indian descent and has a petite frame, standing at only 5’3”. Her resume tells us that her gorgeous face was made for the camera; credit that to her modeling experience and former job hosting a local television program.

Consider it dumb luck if you find this curly-haired beauty stateside, because she hails from the Amsterdam/North Holland area in the Netherlands. Yes, they produce women like this in the land of legal pharmaceuticals. We see you getting your passports ready. Ha!

If you’d like to catch Roxette’s face more often, be sure to follower her on Instagram: @robinboxette. We’ve also provided a gallery of the Dutch stunner below.

Photo: Instagram

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