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Seems like there is trouble in the reality TV paradise that is Love & Hip Hop New York. Reportedly half the cast didn’t show up to a scheduled event because they wanted to renegotiate their contracts, then the other half that did caught feelings because they want more loot, too.

Reports TMZ:

Big trouble on the set of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop, New York” … TMZ has learned, the stars of the show are refusing to go to work … and it’s all because they think they’re getting shafted in contract negotiations.

Sources close to the show tell us, all cast members were supposed to be present Tuesday in NYC to film a trailer for the upcoming season, but only half of the cast showed up. The other half stayed home in protest because negotiations for their new contracts had gone sour.

We’re told the half that did show up then got upset … believing they too were entitled to revised contracts … and stormed off.

We’re told most of the cast members want more money — as much as double their last contract — but there are other problems too … some are pissed at how they were portrayed last season and they want more say in what footage gets aired.

We’re told emergency meetings have since been called with the angry cast members … and they’re hoping to get what they want by the end of the week.

If they don’t … we’re told the cast members plan to stick to their guns and continue their strike for as long as necessary. We reached out to VH1 for comment — so far, no word back.

Situations like these occur on just about any successful reality series. However, not every cast member has the leverage to demand more money. For example, Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose should be good money. But squeaky third wheel, and Joe’s ex, Kaylin Garcia…not so much.

As for input on how their footage is edited; good luck with that.

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