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Chalie Boy has had the south buzzing the past few months with his hit single “I Look Good.” With Houston and Dallas getting most of the attention in the Lone Star State, the Hearne and Calvert Texas representer plans to be a force to be recognized with.

A heavy mainstay on Texas’ mixtape scene, Chalie also just released his latest street album I’m Here. Check the interview below as he sits down with Hip-Hop Wired and discusses everything from his signing to Battery/ Jive Records to being able to hit those “Amazing” notes like Luther Vandross.

HipHopWired: What made you decide you wanted to get in the rap game?

Chalie Boy: I always wanted to be somewhere in the music entertainment business because I always felt like I had a sound that was worthy of being heard. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be in the entertainment business by rapping. I more felt that I had some type of chance of being in the industry singing R&B, things like that. The rapping just popped up.

HipHopWired: When did you get that first break?

Chalie Boy: Right around 2000 when I started doing work with Dirty 3rd records DJ Bull. He had a group called the Freestyle Kings, got down with those guys, and they liked the sound that I had. The Underground Mixtapes and everything started from DJ Bull and those guys. Seeing something that they enjoyed, they asked me to jump on a couple more mix tapes and things and I stuck with it from there. Right around the year 2000.

HipHopWired: You’ve done a whole lot of mixtapes with some big names I see…tell us about that?

Chalie Boy: I can’t even count the number of mix tapes I’m on right now. Right now, I’m just working on songs preparing an album whenever the label is ready for that. Right now the main focus is the single “I Look Good,” which is on the radio. We made a video for it, and it’s on MTV Jams and 106 & Park. I just made the countdown, came in at number 10, that’s a blessing. Hopefully we can move up in the numbers.

HipHopWired: What’s that like turning on the TV and seeing your music on the countdown?

Chalie Boy: It’s a real wonderful feeling. It’s just another point of accomplishment. The goal is to get where you want to be, with the staple in the game and an entity in the game. Once that gets there, that’s a good motivational point to show that progress is still moving.

HipHopWired: You got your hit single and Durrough got his number one hit single. You feel like you guys might be starting a movement trying to get Texas back on the map.

Chalie Boy: I hope so. I’ve been on the underground for a minute, Durrough is freshly a rookie up and coming in the game. He’s got a good foot in the game right now. We’re two different styles of artists from Texas so we’re attempting to show you what we have to offer down here not just whatever you had pre-thought about us. We got a little bit of everything to us, so the purpose is to show you what we have to offer. I want people to keep coming down here looking for artists because we’re going to be putting music out there for you to feel. There are a lot of younger cats in the game that are hungry down here.

HipHopWired: You signed with Battery records, how’s that been?

Chalie Boy: Since we inked they’ve shown us support. It’s just good to be with somebody that wants you, they’re showing that they’re eager on their end as well that they have us. It’s a good fit.

HipHopWired: You’ve worked with people like Slim Thug, Chamillionare, and Bun B. What’s that like working with people that have been in the game so long that you probably grew up listening to?

Chalie Boy: I grew up listening to Bun B and I started somewhat around the era when Slim came out. We were on the underground scene together, it’s a wonderful feeling, and I’ve gotten an opportunity to work with legends like Bun B. It’s just, not real shocking, I’m in awe, and it’s an honor. Everybody doesn’t get to do work with cats like that, you really have to have something to offer for them to even think to do something with you. It’s not you doing something with them… it’s them doing something with you. That in itself is an honor.

HipHopWired: You feel like you got an advantage working with them?

Chalie Boy: I’m not gonna say I have an advantage. I feel that doing work with them I have another opportunity of being seen in the eyes of a fan base that might not know me. It’s just a bigger form of promotion for me even though I’m signed to a label and they’re going to do everything to get me out there. Being on tracks with other well known artists is a great form of promotion. People are going to go out and buy that music because of their artist that they’re in love with already. So once they get on the track and they’re listening to it, and you step up on it and show and prove, you might gain another fan.

HipHopWired: Where can we get information on your projects coming out?

Chalie Boy:, you can go there or you can also speak with me and stay current on my twitter. Also check out my website at

HipHopWired: When can we be looking for that debut album coming out?

Chalie Boy: Like I said the main focus right now is on that single. Whenever the label is prepared and gives us the go ahead for a date to drop, that’s when I’ll be gearing up and ready to hand them whatever they need. I’m in the studio every day working and creating songs. Whatever would be necessary to stay current whenever we do decide to drop. I have no official date on that at this time.

HipHopWired: If you wanted the world one thing about you and what you bringing to the game, what would you want them to know?

Chalie Boy: I’m bringing continuous energy and heartfelt music.