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Marshawn Lynch of the Buffalo Bills is being accused of stealing $20 from a cop’s wife at a TGI Friday’s restaurant last month.

According to the woman, Lynch snatched $20 out of her hand while she was trying to pay her bill and refused to give it back.

Coincidentally the woman reported the incident to her husband who is Buffalo police Sergeant William Crawford.

He told the local paper, the Buffalo News,

“She’s terrified of him. He threatened her girlfriend who tried to retrieve the money after he robbed my wife. “He thinks he’s above the law because of his status as an athlete.”

Less than a year ago Lynch was arrested in California for possession of a concealed firearm.

As previously reported Lynch was also sued last week for negligence after allegedly driving drunk and hitting a woman with his SUV in 2008.

He is currently on probation and was suspended by the NFL commissioner for the first three games of the season.

Hmmm….why would he steal $20 from a woman if he makes millions of dollars?

And what’s with these athletes driving drunk?

SMH…he’s got to do better.