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While the George Zimmerman trial is set to start Monday (June 10), more evidence is being considered and the Zimmerman defense fund welcomed another dramatic raise in donations.

Voice recognition experts gave testimonies during the final hearing Thursday (June 6) that could give prosecutors more support going into the trial.

Prosecutors hired the voice experts particularly to recognize whether the screams for help on the 911 calls were those of Zimmerman’s or  Trayvon Martin’s during the February 2012 fatal shooting. After studying the recordings, one expert said he heard Martin say, “I’m begging you,” in the background. The claim could strengthen the prosecution’s position, though experts have been giving other mixed signals from the recordings; those of which were not shared.

Robert Zimmerman, the 29-year-old’s brother, criticized the voice experts calling their work “voodoo forensics.”  A Florida judge will determine whether or not the testimonies will be accepted as evidence during the trial. With the nation on both sides of the case, things for Zimmerman took a turn when his defense fund rose to $77,000 in the last week.

According to the fund’s website on Wednesday (June 5), there was a large number of donations given that boosted the fund from last week’s report of only having $5,000. The site indicates that $20,000 of the new funds will go to outstanding liabilities, disposition investments, and transcripts for the trial. Mark O’Mara and Don West, Zimmerman’s defense attorneys, say they have not been paid, alongside interns working on the case.

Zimmerman’s defense team says they will need all the funds possible to give the accused killer a fighting chance as he pleaded guilty, and claimed self-defense. Jury selection begins Monday in Florida’s Seminole County Court. The names of the six jurors and four alternates chosen will not be released.

The group will also not be sequestered as requested by the defense.

Photos: Reuters