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Social media is a gift and a curse for Hip-Hop fans. On one side, smartphone apps like Twitter, and most recently Instagram and Vine, have become a hub for behind the scenes footage, flicks, and news. Unfortunately, these sneak peaks create a higher level of expectation that the artists in said photos, video, etc. may never live up to.

Hip-Hop Wired likes to keep an optimistic point of view until given a reason to think otherwise, though. With that, we present the first installment of “This Week In The Studio.” The weekly series will be a compilation of BTS looks at your favorite artists in the lab.

This week, Jay-Z assembled a power circle that has the Internets in a frenzy. From the looks of it, two of the games hottest young MCs also connected with a legendary producer.

That’s enough spoilers for now. Check out the gallery on the following pages to see what some of the top rappers are cooking up.

Photo: Instagram

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