“There has been an agreement between the prosecution and defense for his release and the release for each of the individuals.”

In an update for the story reported earlier on G Unit’s Lloyd Banks, the rapper has been released on bail after the alleged assault that took place on Friday on promoter Chris Hines.

Reported to be $50,000 as the amount for bail for Banks, the other participants of the altercation had a bail set for $25,000.

With that said, Banks should be on his way back from Ontario, Canada and crossing the line back into the U.S.

Patrick Ducharme, Banks’ legal counsel in Canada, was able to speak with MTV and give further detail on the pending case and what will be the next step.

“I expect for him to be released [Tuesday] morning.  It’s just a question of posting some bail, which I’m going to do.  I’m going up there tonight [Monday] with the money and they’ll be released sometime tomorrow morning.

…the case probably will proceed on the basis that it will be put over for three to four weeks for me to receive what is called the ‘prosecutors disclosure.’  That’s all that information that supposedly supports the charges.  The three to four weeks after I’ve had the chance to review that disclosure, I would be prepared to set the date for the trial or preliminary hearing, depending on some procedural matters.  The case will proceed through the courts.  If it stays in the lower courts, it takes about a year and a few months to resolve.  If it goes to the higher courts, it could be as long as a year and a half to bring the matter to court.”

Although Banks is far from being out of hot water yet, Ducharme assures everyone that the rapper is still in high spirits with the charges placed against him. 

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