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George Zimmerman’s brother has faith in the legal system leaning in his family’s favor.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. pledged Monday (June 10) that his sibling will be vindicated in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

“We understand the state has a very high burden to meet, and we don’t think they will be able to do so,” Robert said. “We believe George will be acquitted when the evidence is presented.”

The second-degree murder trial against the 29-year-old Florida resident began today, and despite his brother’s prediction, the legal team already lost a small battle. Judge Debra Nelson once again denied head lawyer Mike O’Mara’s request for more preparation time, and moved to have jury selection begin. Of the 500 perspectives, only 100 appeared in court. It will take roughly three weeks to narrow down to six definite jurors and four alternates.

Last week, Nelson barred the admission of the teen’s personal records, and O’Mara’s team recently apologized for misconstruing evidence about Martin, to be used in the defense.

It’s unclear if the accused will take the stand in his own defense.

“In this country, the burden is on the state, so before we get to taking the stand we really have to think about what an appropriate case would be and juxtapose that to how the state presents its case,” Robert added. “It’s my suggestion that the state doesn’t have a case.”

Police were on hand expecting large protests from Martin supporters earlier today, but less than 20 people showed up. Martin’s father called for peace asking that “the community continue to stay peaceful as we place our faith in the justice system.”

Building a case to prove George shot the unarmed teen in self-defense has been a tedious financial battle for the lawyers. Neither O’Mara, nor his co-counsel and numerous intern working on the case, have received payment.

Leading up to the trial supporters donated over $70,000 to the George Zimmerman Defense Fund, adding to its $5,000 balance.

Photo: AP