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Yesterday during Electronic Arts‘ press conference, studio developer DICE showed off more of Battlefield 4‘s gaming experience during the E3 festivities.

EA and DICE revealed more from the highly anticipated game shooter in the form of “Commander Mode,” which looks amazing as the single-player has already garnered rave reviews. With the wait finally over, gamers were able to witness functional elevators, destructible environments and plenty of heavy artillery.

A squad of 64 gamers flooded the stage at E3, with their exploits transmitted to huge screens and Twitch viewers around the world. The gaming group mobbed up to storm a skyscraper, pilot a motorboat, sidestep tanks, and skydive off that same skyscraper while floating back down to Earth via parachute.

All of this hype has stemmed from Commander Mode, which was originally leaked in April, and has impacted the gaming community with its over-the-shoulder peek at gameplay and the commander’s interface. As walls, statues, windows, and buildings fall apart from the onslaught, there’s an interesting moment featuring a tablet-toting commander sending a Tomahawk missile into an area tagged by a fellow player.

The multiplayer position allows a single player on each team to assist their teammates by issuing instructions through a top-down interface. The player can not only see where their team is in real-time (this includes vehicles and other assets), but some versions of Battlefield 4 will even allow 32-vs-32 matches. The Electronic Arts’ / DICE title will extend past PCs and next-gen consoles into tablets, as DICE’s Battlelog service will allow gamers to interact with online players in real time from their mobile device.

Understandably, Battlefield 4‘s action is jam-packed with frantic firefights, dangerous enemies, and gigantic set pieces that aims to put Call of Duty to shame. Additionally, EA announced that they are giving away free copies of the Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC at this year’s E3 conference.

If you’re in Los Angeles, you can experience Levolution and All-Out War in “Siege of Shanghai,” which will be on the show floor this week at E3. So stay tuned for more hands-on impressions.

Battlefield 4 launches across the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this fall.

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