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Kirk Frost is a lunatic.

It takes a special kind of man to not only cheat on his pregnant wife, but to do it on a reality show. No chill.By now you probably realize that his entire life is a struggle. Between the ridiculous collection of bedazzled jean suits, the baby on the way, and seeking life advice from Benzino, it’s safe to say that Frost has hit a new bottom. Last week, he  finally acted on his need to break free from the “cage” known as Rasheeda Frost (aka his wife of 15 years) by sleeping with another woman (we think), or at the very least feeling her up in a hot tub.

So far, season two has unearthed his creepy attachment to man jewelry, money problems, bad business deals, and the worst thing affecting his life: the fetus growing inside of Rasheeda. The idea of a married couple conceiving a child together is pure blasphemy in Kirk’s world, mostly because he’s not interested in adding another expense to the debt bowl, so as to not eat away at his denim budget.

The stress of not being able to shop for wide-leg jeans and track suits at leisure is enough to drive any weirdo up the wall, so perhaps this is why Kirk can’t pull it together. Or maybe he’s just tired of respecting the lady in his life, who knows.

Anyway, he’s at least apologized telling TMZ, “Not only was doing it on the show inappropriate … but it was inappropriate period. And I hurt my wife.”

Check out some stuff we learned about this struggle character known as Kirk Frost below.


Photos: Instagram/VH1

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