Add the distasteful statements to a nude photo “leak,” or the now infamous chain-snatching incident that Hip-Hop and Instagram still jokes about today, and Berg’s reputation has been through some struggle moments. But, he takes it all in stride. Plus, the focus isn’t what it used to be. “When I got into the game I think that’s when the whole YouTube, Internet, WorldStar was sensationalized. I think that prior to that it wasn’t really a[n] outlet for that so if something happened to your favorite rapper you wouldn’t really know it or it wouldn’t be so sensationalized as it is today.

“In this day and age people are [more] attracted to the bad information than the good information so the pitfalls I made was just basically not having the right camp around me.”

No one aboard  his team was officially “fired,” but the rough spots resulted in severed relationships. “I just think that sometimes relationships run [their] course, you can outgrow a situation or you can outgrow some management; you can outgrow some friends that you might be dealing with, but I didn’t ‘fire’ anybody.”

The tatted up rapper, has found a resting space in the unconventional area of female love songs (“I kinda feel like I know what women want to hear.”), and plans to stay in the songwriting/production lane, for now. “I’m an artist at heart, I still rap. You can’t ever stop rapping, but [on] the same token, I just think that right now at the position I am in, it’s more important for people to recognize me for the work that I’m doing, and the good songs that I’m doing.

“I want to take myself out the equation, because of whatever stigma that I caused myself early in my career. I wanted to show that I can let other people take my work and have a successful music career.”


Photo: Facebook


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