The New York Police Department must be cracking down heavily on any suspicious activity as New York Gov. David Paterson’s son clearly rolled snake eyes as he was served the long arm of justice when he was caught playing dice.

Caught red handed, depending on the color of the dice, on Tuesday, Paterson’s son, Alex, was issued juvenile reports along with another boy for loitering with the purpose of gambling when authorities found the boys playing dice near his high school in Manhattan.

The teens, fortunately, were released to their relatives only a few hours after being placed in custody.  Paterson emphasizes, however, that they were not arrested.

Well, okay if they weren’t arrested, they just took a little joy ride to the police department then.

Although the teens will not have to appear in court nor have any charges placed against him, his juvenile report will be kept on file at the precinct of the police department’s youth services division until the age of 17.

So basically, he might have a little record on his hands.  Way to build up that credibility on the school yard.

Gov Paterson has spoken with Fox News since the incident and admitted that he son was in fact playing dice, but was not playing for money.  A debit card, however, was found in a subway garbage can, but Paterson stated that his son never used it.

Times have changed, sliding debit card for dice game, even though that wasn’t what went on here.

For future notice, it’s a little suspect to be doing such activities in potentially suspicious areas.

Now see what happens when you shooting dice and playing craps, sooner than later, you’re gonna crap out.

Don’t be like this guy, be better.

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