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No matter how accomplished Pusha T and No Malice are as soloists, fans will always keep asking about the Clipse. VIBE caught up with the Brothers Thornton for a pair of thorough interviews, both separately and together (actually, that makes for three interviews).

Says VIBE:

After weeks of planning, schedule shuffling and location scouting, VIBE has arrived in Norfolk, Virginia. The sleepy town isn’t quite Virginia Beach, but 25 minutes on the highway will have you on the boardwalk. It’s crunch time for Pusha T. His album, My Name Is My Name, is scheduled to be released on July 18 and Kanye is still making his final tweaks to the best “hip-hop album of the year,” as Pusha likes to call it. While his older brother, who now goes by No Malice, is also nearing the release of his first solo project titled, Hear Ye Him. Brothers by blood, the Thorntons are a rare breed of post ’90s reality rappers who’ve really lived through the street tales that they’ve documented in their music.

For those wondering what is up with a new Clipse album, Pusha and Malice assure that a new project is in the works. Also, the latter was adamant that the only Hip-Hop music he listens to is from the Re-Up Gang.

Where do you guys see the Re-Up gang in five years, as a group, as a label and an entity?

Pusha T: I don’t really know. I mean, Re-Up was born from the Clipse, so without us recording together, I don’t see Re-Up gang as a whole recording together. Everybody as their own respective entity is going to carry on the same criteria to be under the name. It’s one thing at a time.

No Malice: I will say this. I don’t like no other rappers. The only rappers I like is Re-Up gang. I don’t think there’s no better writer than Ab-Liva. I don’t think there’s no better writer than my brother, and I don’t think there’s no better writer than myself. I don’t enjoy none of that stuff that’s going on out there. The kind of rap I like comes from the Re-Up Gang, lyrically. The kind of rappers I like come from the Re-Up Gang. One thing you can count on from the Re-Up Gang is the realness. We come from an era where you had to really be living the life that you were rapping about. Even though my content and Pusha’s content is different now, everything we’re saying is still true. To me, that’s the hip-hop that I enjoy. 

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Photo: VIBE