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As the most prominent member of the Wu Tang Clan, Method Man was the first out of the pack to take the solo route and serve as the guinea pig for the future of the rappers from Staten Island.

His willingness to take a risk has been able to branch and develop even further outside of the music world as the rapper has also been able to establish himself as an actor and even landed himself a role in a comic book for a self-titled graphic novel that he created.

Clearly one who knows what it takes to achieve success, Mef will be dishing out his secrets during a Learning Annex event where he will give the method to this madness which resulted in him achieving success and turning a faint dream into an everyday reality.

Looking to help those around them bring their own fantasies into the real world, he will offer incite ranging from acting to agents, from dubbing to demos, from publishing to producing a commercial sound while staying true to your artistic vision.  Method Man will also give participants the floor as he will answer questions and give tips on how he made his own story.

In music, he has continued to deliver alongside members of the Clan along with his partner in rhyme Redman.  As time has progressed, he has yet to become a casualty in the fight against the clock as he has maintained true to his own integrity which fans are always looking for.

As an actor, reoccurring roles in shows such as The Wire has led the rapper to lead roles in films such as The Wackness and How High. He is currently working on 3D indie film known as The Mortician where he will play the lead once again.

Living in a time where finances are hard to come by and opportunity seems slim, who better to get advice from than someone who started from the bottom and climbed all the way to the top.

And who wouldn’t want a teacher like Method Man?

The class will be held on January 28th. For more information and to register, log on to