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“I think I need to remind people I’m from Marcy Projects. You can’t get into those prestigious clubs. I can’t even get into the golf club in Palm Springs.”

The date is now January 14.  Since the New Year came in and Jay Z decided to bring it in with the music video for “On To The Next One”, it has been two weeks of speculation and conspiracy theory calling Jay Z a Freemason and being part of the Illuminati and the New World Order.

Coverage has become ridiculous and whether it’s people reading too far into Jay and everything he does or the rapper becoming more blatant with his religious allegiance, things have spun out of control at this point.

Usually known to just allow things slide, Jay once again addressed the claims and shuts them down immediately once he hit the radio on the Ed Lover Show.

Hov actually credits the allegations to the price of fame and what happens as success rises and money continues to accumulate.

“You know when people get a lot of money, they start getting those rumors like Tom Cruise and Will Smith. That’s ridiculous; that’s crazy to me.”

While keeping things short and sweet on that, Jigga also speaks on his reaction to Beanie Sigel and the verbal attacks thrown at him.  At the end of the day, he feels everyone is using him as a means to obtain more exposure and attention from the masses.

“Rap music is competitive by nature, so nothing surprises me anymore.  I can honestly say that one was a shocker. When you’re cut from a certain cloth, there are things that are off limits. If you cross that line, it puts you in a different box. It comes from the same thing. I think people are running out of ideas and it’s all marketing at this point. In the beginning it was competition. It was just like, ‘Lets see who’s better. Let’s go to the square and see who’s better.’ It’s all just marketing now. That’s their whole marketing plan—Jiggaman.”

It’s lonely when you’re the only one at the top and the New Year has started off as rocky as the preceding year ended for Jay.  Something’s got to give.

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