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More details are starting to emerge about the incident involving Scottie Pippen and an alleged autograph seeker that he knocked smooth out. So severe was the beating that paramedics were called to take the man to the hospital.

The fight went down outside of Nobu restaurant in Malibu on Sunday, June 23, but the six time NBA champion left the scene before authorities arrived. TMZ reports that the NBA great surrendered to police yesterday, but was only questioned and not arrested. The man who caught the vicious fade was apparently an autograph seeker.

For reasons still unknown, Pippen punched the guy and also kicked him multiple times while he was on the ground. The man suffered broken teeth and injuries to his neck and back. The New York Daily News reports that a witness says the the fan took pictures of Pippen and his family and became verbally abusive with racist comments.

The fan started the tussle, spit on the ex-athlete and screamed the called him the N-word, the source said, adding that Pippen was holding his 4-year-old daughter at the time.

“Can you imagine, you’re out to dinner with your wife, your four kids and your mother-in-law, and someone calls you the N-word and starts to get physical?” the source said, calling the alleged victim’s story a “crock.”

“When Scottie left, this guy had no injuries,” said the source. “Scottie is very upset about the way this has been portrayed.”

Several witnesses described the fan as intoxicated, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Now photos of the man being taken to the hospital have appeared. The victim can be seen laid out on a stretcher and wearing a neck brace.

Check out photos of  the guy that supposedly took a massive L getting prepped for his journey to medical treatment in the gallery.

This story is definitely not passing the smell test.

UPDATE: TMZ has details and it looks like the man had been badgering Pippen all evening.

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