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After six years behind bars Mystikal is a free man.

As previously reported, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison after video surfaced of him forcing his hair stylist to perform sexual acts on him.

Now with his bid up, the No Limit Soldier is speaking out on his hiatus and his plans to “shake up the world.”

Mystikal gave his first interview since his release and told New Orleans radio station Q93 that his release feels like a dream.

“I’m back. It almost feels like a dream…”

When asked if he’d been in contact with his former commander in charge Master P, Mystikal says no but he had been in contact with P’s brother who is now serving life in prison, C Murder.

“I hadn’t talked to him….I had talk to C when I was over at Hunt [prison] when he was going through his little stuff before what happened to him just now. So I holla’d at him a couple times.”

Also unbeknownst to many, Mystikal reveals that he had friends in high places including Shaq who came by the jail unexpectedly to visit him.

“Yeah he did….showed me some love. I’m thinking it’s a lawyer or something…it’s Shaquille O’Neal.”

According to Mystikal, while his time behind bars would’ve been the end for most artists, for him it’s his beginning and a comeback is on its way.

“Most artists wouldn’t able to sustain a blow like I took. Six years off the scene? For most rappers it would be over with…man this gone be the beginning for me and I’m finna get my reparations. Believe that! Watch ya self! I’m coming back wit it and I’m coming back for it.”

The full audio from Mystikal’s Q93 interview is below.