Mystikal Released

Mystikal is a free man for the time being. He is out on bond as he awaits trial.

Them dudes in trouble! You don’t want to plug me in the Matrix. A n*gga like me in the Matrix? Man, come on, a n*gga can’t Fawk with me, for real!” Since Mystikal’s January release from jail, the former No Limit Soldier has been making his rounds delving back into the rap game. As previously […]

As previously reported Michael “Mystikal” Tyler was released from prison earlier this month after serving six years behind bars for sexual battery and extortion. Now back in his hometown of New Orleans Mystikal is preparing to bounce back with his first performance since his release. The 12th ward native will headline a concert at the […]

After six years behind bars Mystikal is a free man. As previously reported, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison after video surfaced of him forcing his hair stylist to perform sexual acts on him. Now with his bid up, the No Limit Soldier is speaking out on his hiatus and his plans to […]