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Sitting in the same courtroom of his son’s accused killer hasn’t been easy for Tracy Martin. The father of Trayvon Martin and mom, Sabrina Fulton, have been front and center for the brunt of the second-degree murder trial, sometimes leaving the room when details of the slain teen’s last night alive are too much to bare.

In an interview with CNN airing Friday (July 12) Tracy exaplained the challenge of sitting in court. “Seeing the killer of our child there with this fixed stare as if he’s done nothing,”  he said.

The 17-year-old’s father called the ordeal “difficult,” made worse by listening to the screams of what could be his son. A 911 call placed by a neighbor, picked up the voice of either Zimmerman, or the deceased.

The potential for reasonable doubt regarding the recording could be the varying point to sway the jury on either side, since  there is no surefire evidence determining which of the two yelled out before the fatal shot to Trayvon’s chest.

Tracy has no doubts.

“That’s real troublesome just to listen.”

When asked of the what’s been the hardest, he instantly pointed to how Trayvon has been depicted by the defense: as the instigator and a “thug.” In court this week attorney, Mike O’Mara, defended his client saying, “Trayvon Martin did in fact cause his own death.”

Leading up to the trial, text messages and other personal records of the high school student’s were ruled inadmissible. The defense however has to effectively plant a seed of skepticism in the minds of the jurors in order to prove their case. “There’s only so much you can take of what I would call bashing, ‘victim bashing,'” Tracy said before pointing out the label that hurt him the most. “That he was a thug.  That’s one of the biggest hypocritical lies.”

Closing arguments commenced this afternoon. O’Mara delivered his statements first, followed by a rebuttal from the prosecution. Jurors will head back to court Saturday (July 13) morning for deliberation.

Provided that the jury doesn’t vote for an acquittal or second-degree murder, the lesser charge of manslaughter is also up for consideration.