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Rapper Big Pooh drops a video for his latest single, Gold Chain.” The visual keeps true to the song’s message not getting caught up in the usual rapper cliches.

The clips has chicks puffin blunts and drinking 40s while Pooh waxes lyrical about not really needing chains, or exotic cars,when it can lead to thirsty females out for his dough or even the jux. “I had to figure out who I was, who I ain’t I ain’t in clubs/I ain’t concerned with looking ni–a rich, all in your television ni–a rich,” spits the Little Brother MC.

The song’s hook reinforces his point. “I used to wanna rock a gold chain, a bracelet with two pinky rings/I got a couple karat earrings/And I don’t even wear the damn things,” goes the songs hook. If only records like this got some more mainstream play.

Big Pooh’s new project, Fat Boy Fresh Vol. 3: Happy Birthday, Thomas, which will be entirely produced by Mighty DR, is out August 6. Watch the  Kent Willard-directed video for “Gold Chains” below.

Photo: YouTube