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Despite the controversy still surrounding his name, Tiger Woods is donating $3 million to the Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

The news broke of Tiger’s plan to contribute through media mogul Russell Simmons who tweeted about the highest paid athlete’s charitable endeavor saying,

“Tiger woods is doing something AMAZING!!!!  I heard tiger woods [is] donating to send a cargo plane with a mobile hospital out there. Keep ur prayers high!..”

The mobile hospital is rumored to cost around $3 million.

Uncle Rush then apologized for his tweets saying that Tiger’s contributions were supposed to be an anonymous gift but justified his actions saying that Tiger’s help was “inspiring”.

“Sorry about blowing up tigers “anonymous gift” such a sweet gesture. People have cared so much about other “secrets” this is inspiring.”

Since the tweets, President of the Tiger Woods foundation Greg McLaughlin confirmed that the organization would be contributing to relief efforts saying,

“Our plan is to be part of the relief effort to help rebuild Haiti by supporting organizations that provide critical resources to young people.”

Tiger is believed to be in sex rehab following his numerous affairs brought to light in the media.