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It’s a simple understanding; if you have a baby, it’s your responsibility to care of the child. However, pro athletes, and specifically the NBA players we spotlight here, have had trouble adhering to this concept. The result has been bankruptcy and in the worst case scenarios, jail time.

Recently, Allen Iverson forked over $40,000 in child support to avoid a trip to the bing. But it did really take the threat of jail time for A.I. to pay up? The former NBA MVP isn’t the fist, and definitely, won’t be the last former pro athlete to dig in his wallet. Sure there are cases when a women claiming that she had a kid with an NBA player could be faking the funk for a come up.

In that case, call Maury. But the 10 NBA players who got caught not paying their child support we listed here learned the hard way that you better come up off that loot if you want to avoid the slammer.

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