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For any serious Eminem fan, you know that he is particular to any  project he decides to be a part of, and big budget Hollywood films are no exception. Slim Shady passed on starring in upcoming sci-fi flick Elysium.

Elysium director Neil Blomkamp initially reached out to his fellow countryman, South African rapper Ninja from the group Die Antwoord, reports The Guardian. The rapper dismissed the proposition, saying, “It was a f-cked up, difficult decision” because he would rather appear in a more substantial role to make his film debut.

Next in line was Eminem for the District 9 director. Although initially intrigued, the Relapse rapper said he would only accept if the film was shot in his hometown of Detroit. No doubt he made that a deal breaker in order to add a boost to the troubled local economy of the Motor City.

In the end the lead role went to Matt Damon who plays a reformed car thief escaping to a Utopian space station above a war ravaged planet. Elysium, which also stars Jodi Foster, is due out on August 9.

Photo: Interscope