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Kid Cudi has got his “sh-t together” (his words). In a recent interview with Flaunt magazine, Cudi addresses those who may think he fell off because he isn’t all (super) sad and depressed anymore on his latest album, Indicud.

Reports Flaunt magazine:

Cudi’s contentment has caught some of his fans off-guard, especially those who look to him for a particular brand of self-doubt. “A lot of people go [mocking voice]: ‘Oh man, you switched it up.’ Look, there are motherf-ckers out there that are doing the same repetitive bullsh-t. You can listen to that, man,” he says, confronting his hypothetical haters. “Don’t come to me with no whining. I don’t wanna hear that sh-t. You know what type of ni–a I am. ‘The Prayer’ is still the most odd record ever created. Ever. ‘Solo Dolo,’ same deal. I’ve always been out there trying new sh-t. When motherfuckers don’t hear me talking about wanting to kill myself or me being a sad little kid no more, they’re like, ‘Aw, damn.’ I f-cking got my sh-t together and grew. Motherf-ckers my age don’t always have their sh-t together. A lot of people I know are coming out of jail or dead. And I just feel really blessed to be where I’m at.”

The now former G.O.O.D. Music artist seems to be in a great space and also discusses his burgeoning acting career. As for music, the Lonely Stoner will be embarking on the Cud Life tour in August.

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