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London fashion site Mr. Porter featured singer Miguel this week, modeling selections for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons. While the focal point of the feature centered around Miguel as a sartorialist, there were obvious points to discuss – namely his nearly beheading a girl with his leg at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

In the article, Miguel discusses his love of live music, feeling as though “people get to understand” him more in that setting. He’s named as a contender for one of the greats per Mr. Porter writer Mr. Dan Cairns, and the obvious Prince comparison is tossed around. The young singer/songwriter/producer hints that his next project following the colossal Kaleidoscope Dream will be live music based, even more so than his most recent effort. The fame didn’t come without a fair share of hardships, and of course headlines that center around him outside of music. We’re talking about Billboard-gate.

While Miguel doesn’t go into much detail about why he attempted to leap over an entire audience pit, he chooses to focus on what he did to help the victim-slash-fan he clobbered in the midst of his acrobatics. Per Miguel he found the fan and made sure she received medical attention. He didn’t speak on the pending lawsuit, but addressed the Internet’s response.

The “Adorn” singer finds it funny. “I knew when I was young, there were things I could not fathom that would come along with possible success, being in the limelight, pursuing your passion,” he says. “But that goes for anything, whether you want to be a poet, a lion tamer, or dig ditches in Africa.”

Check out photos from the Mr. Porter photo shoot in the gallery, read the full interview here.

Photo: Mr. Porter

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