One of the culture's most unique talents can't be located. Rapper Theophilus London has been reported missing by his family. 

With no end to the Kanye West trainwreck, one establishment is offering support. A London shop is offering free removals of Yeezy tattoos. 

M Lo, a Drill rapper from London, was shot and killed over the weekend according to reports. M Lo was just 29 years old.

There might be a new kings of comedy duo in the making. Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are co-headlining a show together in London.


The short film focusing on the "Black British experience, through the eyes of Jimmy Rogers' South London basketball team.

Johnson has endured death threats in the past and details are still in development regarding the incident as she recovers.

TM1way, real name Terrell Davis, reportedly got into an argument with an associate thus leading to the stabbing.

The bigoted bloke went on a rather racist rant before a group of Black bruvs decided they had enough and knocked the chatty fellow smooth out.

As researchers around the world diligently search for a cure to HIV and aid in preventative measures, a second person has effectively been cured of the virus. The “London Patient,” as he has been called in the press, has also identified himself in the wake of the cure revelation.

It’s official, Drake’s influence in Hollywood can’t be denied. His goal to bring back Britain’s best kept secret is now a reality.

It seems Busta Rhymes wasn’t having it when he boarded a flight to Europe the other day. The Dungeon Dragon took offense to his personal space being infringed upon, literally.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, the group published top-secret files from various governments, has been arrested. The 47-year-old Assange was detained Thursday (April 11) in London on hacking charges and after his arrest, the United States is seeking extradition.