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Racist White Man Knocked Out

Source: Screenshot / Screenshot

A white man most likely needs to go see his physician after catching the fade on London’s underground railway system. The bigoted bloke went on a rather racist rant before a group of Black bruvs decided they had enough and knocked the chatty fellow smooth out.

Metro published a story featuring a video of the exchange where the white fellow is seen shouting nonsensical nonsense saying that “this is my home” apparently in a bid to depict to the group of Black youth that they’re invading his precious land.

One of the men in the group responded to the man’s zany rant, and a woman who filmed the exchange is heard on the video saying to the man, in short, that he looks and sounds like a dumb ass. Others also can be heard saying that the man has a death wish among other comments.

And yes, we know we’re probably butchering British slang.

Check out the video below. We do warn that the language contained within is harsh.

Photo: Screenshot