United Kingdom

A New York Times profile on the North London musician highlighted his lyrics being different from the braggadocious norm in Hip-Hop.

The bigoted bloke went on a rather racist rant before a group of Black bruvs decided they had enough and knocked the chatty fellow smooth out.

The celebrated rapper has used his massive platform to rail against the British government in times past.

The ongoing ordeal that 21 Savage is enduring as the result of his arrest and detainment by ICE officials had new details added on Tuesday (Feb. 5). The rapper confirmed that he was indeed born in the United Kingdom, but came at an earlier age than what was widely reported.

Details are still forthcoming, but it has come out in several reports that rapper 21 Savage has been arrested by ICE officials who say he is actually a native of the United Kingdom. According to a report from a local outlet, the rapper overstayed his visa thus leading to his arrest.

A school in the United Kingdom is refusing to expel white students who beat and bullied a Black student in a mock slave auction. A group of at least seven white teens chained the Black student to a lamp pole and yelled racist insults at the boy.

Britain, at one point one of the world’s Superpower countries, took a historic vote to break away from the multi-state European Union. The decision has sent ripples through global stock markets and could have a major impact on the West.

The U.K. has taken a page from the folks Down Under in Australia and deemed Tyler, The Creator unfit to breathe their air.

In keeping in trend with the very ever popular camo, Nike pays homage with French, Italian, Japanese camouflage inspired version of their Air Max series of sneakers.

The hacking death of British soldier Lee Rigby at the hands of suspects Michael Adebolajo and alleged accomplice Michael Adebowale on May 22 has sparked unrest in London and the entire United Kingdom. Adebolajo’s family released a statement yesterday (May 28) in an attempt to quiet the growing tensions.