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NBA superstar Derrick Rose recently sat down with CNN’s Pedro Pinto to discuss a bevy of topics, but none hit home quite like the topic of gun crime in his native Chicago.

Poverty, lack of education, drugs, gang presence and the like can all be considered attributing factors to the Windy City’s ailing environment.

But the Bulls point guard also suggested another reason that many may not have considered. “If you look at the world we living in today, everything is just getting faster,” said Rose, citing how many hope to find a quick method to attain capital.

“If you see people getting famous off YouTube, you think you can be the next person. That creates havoc, but at the same time, it creates different ideas and different subjects.”

According to Rose, his fellow Chicagoans must emphasize how to build on the latter if the city hopes to change conditions plaguing the neighborhoods.

As for him and how he will aid that effort, he explained, “All I can do is stay positive and know that it’s people watching me, young kids looking up to me, and just give them a reason to go out there and work hard. And know the reason they’re working hard is to help people.”

Hear Rose speak more on his hometown below. Sports enthusiasts can hear him describe his recovery on the following page.

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