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Ever sit back and wonder why everything that has the name Martin Luther King, Jr tagged to it is usually a place where something goes wrong and crime seems to run rampant?

Most people that live in cities that have a street named after Dr. King will probably make that the street is flooded with violence and negative activity.

On Sunday, a 21-year-old male was shot and killed outside a sports bar that was rented out under the false pretense that it would be the venue for a Martin Luther King celebration, according to authorities.

Deandre Bailey, of Oakland, was taken to Eden Medical Center where he was pronounced dead by officials.

Located at the corner of Clawiter and Depot roads at Mike’s Sports Bar and Grill, the shooting was reported at 10:42 p.m., Hayward police spokeswoman Lt. Chris Orrey said.

According to Orrey, the space was rented by a promoter using the ruse that it was a celebration for MLK along with a fundraiser.  In actuality, the event was merely a party which was promoted to the masses as being a club even with Hip Hop and Rap music.

The night erupted when fights began to break out and once two were taken outside of the bar, the owner of the bar put an end to the event and security escorted some to the parking lot.

Tension must have still been there as gunfire rang off shortly after being relocated to the parking lot.

As of now, there are no suspects in custody and police are looking to those that attended the event to provide any information pertaining to the fatal shooting.