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Director Baltasar Kormákur flew to New York from Italy to talk to us about 2 Guns, a possible sequel and his first gaming endeavor, EVE Online.

The Icelandic-born director doubles-down on his working relationship with Mark Wahlberg by adding Denzel Washington for 2 Guns, a good genre film. Based on the Boom! Studios graphic novel, the film is slated to hit theaters this Friday (8/2), and appears to be another #1 bullet for these two talented actors.

Kormákur, who cites Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Out of Sight, his own picture Contraband, and Midnight Run as influences, discussed in a sit-down chat with HipHopWired the new feature last Sunday. “I love those films because they are kind of adult affairs,” Kormákur said. “They’re not kids’ movies. At the same time, they’re very enjoyable. You can sit down with your girlfriend or your friend and just laugh and have a good time. Yet it’s also elevated. I love it when good genre is elevated.”

2 Guns will also appeal to gaming enthusiasts, as well. Though Kormákur admits that he’s not a hardcore gamer (his sons are), he notes that both casual and extreme alike will enjoy the action-packed pacing, his performer’s great comedic timing, and the intriguing storyline he offers moviegoers. Speaking of moviegoers, 2 Guns elevates the “buddy cop” genre (see: 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon) with its involvement of Wahlberg and Washington. The two star as, respectively, an officer of the U.S. Navy and a DEA agent who form an unexpected bond after they unwittingly rob a drug cartel out of millions of dollars — or so it seems.

As the big, bad cartel leaders make themselves known (led by Edward James Olmos), the U.S. Navy (James Marsden) and the CIA (Bill Paxton) also step into the mix and are all on the duo’s tails. With the summer full of apocalyptic images, destroyed metropolises, and CGI fanfare, 2 Guns is an entertaining romp that blends the best gaming tropes and explodes it on the big screen.

Our sit-down experience with the talented director resulted in him talking about his star’s magnetic chemistry, a possible sequel to the film, when he lost his video game virginity, and his foray into the gaming world with EVE Online.

Listen to the full chat below:

Scroll through to check out the film’s trailer and stills from the movie.

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