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Alex Rodriguez is truly a polarizing athlete. As one of the highest paid Major League Baseball players in league history, the scrutiny on him has touched various aspects of his career including his on field performance, vanity, womanizing, individual character and his choice use of words, or lack there of.

Even as he recovered from an injury for the major part of 2013, he was in front of the public eye more than ever. Even before his suspension today for the rest of the 2013 and all of the 2014 MLB season thanks to his alleged participation in the BioGenesis performance enhancing drugs scandal, A-Rod was easily the most reviled man in baseball since Pete Rose.

How much of the hate aimed at A-Rod is fan and the media versus his own behavior is debatable. But controversy definitely follows Rodriguez everywhere he goes. So we present to you A-Rod’s 10 lowest moments on and off the field.

Photo: MLB


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