Boot Party

A neo-Nazi skinhead club, The Oi! Boys established one of the first internet websites devoted solely to racist rock music. Inspired by Skrewdriver‘s Ian Stuart Donaldson, the band advocated violence even more directly than Donaldson’s in-your-face lyrics. On their site, their was the inclusion of a page called “BootParty,” which the song is a derivative of, and featured people said to deserve to be kicked in the head by Skins wearing steel-toed boots. Some of their vitriol squarely aimed at Black Americans can be found in this startling lyric: “This story made the front page in the newspaper ’cause his mama is in the NAACP. Ni–ers Are Always Causing Problems. The thing that his mama doesn’t know is that her son is a gangbanger and his getto-slang [sic] name is Chicago. Well if you see this ni–er, kick him in the [expletive] head.”

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